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Широкое применение прочных ноутбуков

Rugged notebooks are widely used in practice, such as battlefield command, on-site rescue, traffic management, communication support, data acquisition and other industries and fields, and have received high praise. According to different application scenarios, the application functions to be realized by the rugged notebook will also vary.

First of all, the rugged notebook designed by special technology has stronger environmental adaptability, higher reliability and scalability than ordinary commercial notebook, and can better adapt to various harsh working environments. The following is a brief introduction to the application and functions of rugged notebooks from six aspects:

1. Rugged notebook for on-site rescue

At the scene of sudden disasters and accidents such as earthquakes and fires, rescuers need to use portable and rugged notebooks to ensure smooth communication, timely processing of on-site affairs, and implementation of dispatching and command work. Rugged notebooks, with their reliable and stable rugged computing performance, can greatly improve the overall response speed, organization and rescue efficiency of firefighting teams, and effectively control fire losses.

2. Rugged notebooks for traffic management

Daily patrols, real-time monitoring of traffic and road conditions, or law enforcement on-site data collection will generate a large amount of business data, including on-site image data as evidence of violations. It is required that the computer equipment used for data storage and processing can ensure sufficient security, and at the same time maintain smooth communication with the background system, fast upload or download business data, and efficiently handle various emergencies.

The "mobile traffic system" built on the vehicle-mounted computer as the core platform integrates various technologies such as mobile terminal computing equipment, digital camera equipment, data storage equipment, wireless wide-area communication equipment, image processing and automatic OCR recognition software.

The system seamlessly integrates the collection and processing of mobile terminal data with the central background system to help front-line law enforcement officers realize real-time information exchange with the public security data center, such as real-time query of population and vehicle file data, on-site comparison of picture data, automatic identification of license plate numbers of passing vehicles, automatic capture of traffic violations, and rapid fixation of illegal evidence with image data.

After the rugged notebook is equipped with the "mobile trafficsystem", it is suitable for daily patrol and law enforcement or on-site processing and control of emergencies. With its reliable rugged design and stable computing performance, it can become an ideal mobile computing tool for traffic officer in a complex outdoor law enforcement environment.


3. Rugged notebook for communication guarantee

Maintenance technicians in the communications business sector are often faced with the challenges of harsh fieldwork environments. The rugged notebook and the car bracket can ensure the safety of computer equipment on the road and improve the convenience of use. The technicians can quickly rush to the scene to carry out maintenance work. When it needs to be used outside the vehicle, the anti-glare electromagnetic shielding display screen and hard disk shockproof function can provide reliable protection for communication security work.

4. Rugged notebook for equipment testing

Due to the special working environment, users in aviation, shipbuilding, energy and other industries still need to regularly inspect, adjust and maintain outdoor equipment even in harsh environments.

The dust-proof, shock-proof, rain-proof, and salt-spray-resistant features of the rugged laptop, as well as the scalability of the communication interface, can fully ensure the normal progress of relevant testing work and monitor, record and analyze the working status of various connected instruments and control equipment, which is not affected by the interference and influence of the complex magnetic field environment on the job site.


5. Rugged notebook for data collection

Through the combined use of rugged computers and biochemical identification software and hardware equipment, environmental protection departments can obtain on-site test results for whether the environment and water resources are polluted, and take preventive measures in a timely and effective manner; Using a rugged notebook under certain conditions can smoothly analyze and process key information such as environmental parameters and sample data.

6. Rugged notebooks for surveying and mapping

Miracles are rare, and the harsh environments of mountains, Gobi, plateaus and lands require workers to work under conditions of high temperature, severe coldness and low air pressure. They need notebooks with a solid structure to ensure that they can work normally under adverse environmental conditions.

The excellent high and low-temperature protection and high-altitude adaptability of the rugged notebook can provide effective protection against extreme weather environments. In addition, the anti-glare display screen and the high-endurance battery can also provide special convenience conditions for field survey work.

Through the above introduction, it can be seen that rugged notebooks produced by rugged computer manufacturers are widely used in actual use. Whether it is the harsh environment of high and low temperatures or data stability, rugged notebooks can fully meet the needs and customization of various functions.


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