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PDA помогает продвижению в середине года

June 18 is the day of the mid-year promotion for major e-commerce platforms in China. The major platforms are ready for the game. In addition to various subsidies and discounts, they also conduct joint marketing activities with various online and offline channels.

Logistics speed is a test to improve user experiences

Sometimes getting too much attention is not necessarily a good thing. More attention also means more business volume.

Not surprisingly, this year’s transaction volume will set a new record. This is not only a feast for e-commerce companies but also a test. They will usher in a peak in passenger flow and orders, and will also face the pressure of a huge amount of parcels. For buyers, they may face a long wait because of the delay in receiving the package.

Define e-commerce logistics with the IoT

Facing huge logistics pressure, how should e-commerce companies respond?

In addition to effectively combining the self-operated logistics model and the third-party logistics model, the application of hard-core technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data to logistics is a weapon to achieve efficiency.

Emdoor Information's e-commerce logistics solutions rely on the Internet of Things technology and build a back-end logistics system based on reinforced handheld terminals (PDAs). As a famous rugged computer manufacturer, Emdoor is at the forefront of technology. It is committed to creating a one-stop solution for e-commerce logistics to help e-commerce companies in warehousing, logistics, and distribution. Comprehensively improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance competitiveness in all aspects.

Using innovative technology to create barriers to the e-commerce logistics industry and realize the intelligent, digital, and informalized e-commerce logistics.

PDA supports the e-commerce infield

In the e-commerce infield, logistics mainly includes two basic operations: inbound management and outbound management. The process of warehousing management is relatively simple. There are usually three links: delivery and warehousing, warehouse inspection, and warehousing and putting on shelves. The process of outgoing management is more complicated, usually, including scheduling orders, picking and broadcasting, sorting and placing, and receiving and handing over. Due to the imbalance of e-commerce orders, sometimes facing explosive growth in order volume, all aspects of infield logistics require excellence, whether it is the scheduling and coordination of personnel resources or the speed and accuracy of operation processing.

In the warehousing management activities, for the delivery and warehousing links, the EM-T40 handheld terminal (PDA) based on the warehousing task can quickly scan the product barcode and enter the quantity of the product to complete the receipt, and it can also scan the delivery notice. Number or take a photo for deposit operation. For the warehouse inspection link, EM-T40 is based on the acceptance standard, which can record the product information with quality problems by scanning the product barcode or taking pictures, and finally feedback to the supplier to solve the problem. For the inbound and shelf link, EM-T40 can directly scan the product barcode and the warehouse location barcode based on the corresponding relationship between the product and the location, and submit it for confirmation to form a link.

PDA supports the e-commerce infield

In the outbound management activities, in order to dispatch orders, EM-T40 can query product inventory information based on order requests, and can also quickly calculate the shortest path, the shortest time, and the lowest cost picking path. For the picking and distribution link, EM-T40 is based on the ordered product and the picking path, and can guide to the designated location to pick the correct product, and then scan the product barcode to sort the product according to the order. Aiming at the picking, placing, receiving, and handover link, EM-T40 can match the most suitable carrier for the order based on the order information, and scan the barcode of the package to complete the delivery after the collection.

EM-T40 handheld terminal (PDA)

PDA makes e-commerce outfield easy to get rid of the pressure

In the e-commerce outfield, the logistics method mainly depends on the self-operated logistics mode of the e-commerce company or the third-party logistics mode. The self-operated logistics model generally adopts the warehouse distribution process of "front warehouse-dispatching outlets-end delivery", while the third-party logistics model generally adopts "shipping warehouse-sorting transfer (originating regional transfer center)-sorting transfer ( Destination regional transfer center)-distribution network-end delivery" sorting transfer process. In comparison, the self-operated logistics model directly omits the sorting and transfer link of the third-party logistics model in the regional transfer center, which greatly shortens the logistics and transportation time. However, in the face of the distribution pressure of the mid-year promotion activities, continuous optimization and improvement are still needed, and the third-party logistics model requires a series of measures to improve transportation speed and sorting efficiency.

Rugged Handheld in IoT

Regarding the transfer link, whether it is to collect packages from the front warehouse and the shipping warehouse, or the package arrives at the transfer center and the delivery point, the EM-T60 handheld terminal (PDA) can quickly scan the order package to update the current Package status. Regarding the transportation link, whether it is exporting packages from the front warehouse and shipping warehouse, or importing the packages to the transshipment center and dispatching outlets, EM-T60 can quickly calculate the shortest path, the shortest time, and the best cost for the transportation process. The transportation route selection plan can also associate the movement trajectory of the package in real-time according to the positioning and navigation function to realize the whole visualization of the transportation process.For the sorting link, the EM-T60 can scan the barcode of the package, automatically pick the goods according to the order address and other information, and determine the next station and transportation method.For the end distribution link, whether it is face-to-face delivery by the delivery staff or self-collection at the consumer station, the EM-T60 can collect information such as the parcel waybill, delivery time, and signatory on the spot to ensure real-time feedback of key information.

EM-T60 handheld terminal (PDA)

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