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Как выбрать промышленный портативный терминал Android?

Android is a free and open-source operating system based on Linux. Open and easy to use, mainly used on mobile devices. Most rugged handheld terminal device also adopt the Android approach, which is convenient for enterprises to make personalized designs and install customized applications.

Android industrial handheld terminal also called a handheld scanner, is a product that relies on automatic identification technology and integrates information collection and equipment terminal to help enterprises carry out intelligent data processing, real-time data collection, and automated data transmission. The rugged handheld terminal device has the characteristics of small size, high performance, portability, multi-function, and small size, fully guaranteeing the authenticity, validity, real-time, and availability of on-site data. In addition, the rugged handheld terminal device also has the functions of Bluetooth, call, positioning, WIFI, and video to meet the all-around multi-faceted needs of enterprises. At present, handheld and mobile terminals have been widely used in catering, manufacturing, retail, law enforcement, and other fields, helping enterprises reduce operational costs.

The following problems exist in the previous information recording and query:

Please print out the information sheet beforehand, then hold the information sheet, manually compare the number of materials and work matters, enter the actual quantity, and enter it into the computer system. This method is not efficient and has a high error rate.

Traditional information recording adopts the manual recording plus manual entry method, which requires manual comparison, large workload, long time consumption, and manual operation leads to a high error rate, which affects the work efficiency.

In the face of a large number of inventory items, it is difficult to find goods and troublesome to check, but it is also difficult to complete information updates promptly and rapidly when information needs to be changed, which significantly hinders the operation efficiency of the enterprise.


The definition of the android industrial handheld terminal:

Take drug tracing as an example: through the handheld terminal and electronic supervision system, it is convenient for the supervisory department to strictly monitor the whole process of drugs from production, circulation, transportation, and storage to drug consumption, to inquire in real-time about the show, inventory, sales and logistics and distribution of each box, box and batch of drugs, and when encountering problematic drugs, it can quickly trace the batch, quantity, location, online production When we meet a problematic drug, we can quickly trace the batch, quantity, location, online production, quantity, remaining stock, etc., so that we can trace the destination of the problematic drug at the first time, find the victim, and save the victim as early as possible to reduce the loss. At the same time, it can reduce the cost of a recall.

The advantages of the android industrial handheld terminal :

Unique identification, full tracking

Through the scanning function of the handheld terminal, each item is uniquely identified and tracked throughout the whole process, which realizes the unified function of supervision and management, logistics application, business settlement, and consumer inquiry.

Save manpower and reduce errors

The traditional manual transcription and entry method has a large workload, low efficiency, high error rate, and time consumption, but the handheld terminal data collection technology dramatically improves the efficiency of information collection, reduces manpower input, and meets the modern and efficient production requirements as well as the quick and comprehensive grasp and management of data and information.

Full range of information sharing

Through the handheld terminal for the whole process of production, circulation, consumption of closed-loop information collection, quality inspection, business, management, and other related departments to provide real-time information sharing, to ensure the smooth and correct operation of business processes, and constantly adjust the decision to reduce the loss of errors.

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How to choose the rugged android handheld terminal device?

With the rise of more and more handheld terminal manufacturers and enterprises, the rugged handheld electronic devices market size is complex and the equipment is diversified, many users are more confused when buying, now we explain how to choose the right handheld terminal from the following aspects.

I. Price

When choosing handheld terminals, the price is also an issue of great concern. Handheld terminals with different configurations and different functions can produce great differences in price. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the specific needs of the purchase, not more with the function that can not be used.

Ⅱ. Pre-sales and after-sales service

A perfect service system can ensure that once the handheld terminal purchased has problems, there is a professional team to answer questions and solve problems, to protect the purchased handheld terminal.

Ⅲ. The screen display effect

Choose a high-definition and high-brightness screen to meet the outdoor mobile operation in the sunlight, so that the data and applications are clear at a glance, without affecting the efficiency of data collection.

Ⅳ. Product function

At present, the more widely used handheld terminal functions are 1D barcode scanning, 2D code scanning, and RFID identification, and so on. Enterprises should choose the corresponding functional modules according to their own application needs.

V. Endurance

In the face of high-frequency work, if the power can not guarantee, will affect the efficiency of the staff.

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