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The Rugged Handheld PC

With the emergence of handheld terminals, we have to mention the Internet of Things. This year's Internet of Things can be said to be a new idea for the development of all walks of life. In the face of new opportunities, the Internet of Things technology provides more details and possibilities for optimization. The emergence of radio frequency identification mobile phones provides a perfect hardware guarantee prerequisite for the realization of all applications. Apply radio frequency identification technology and scan electronic tags can quickly collect data, and transmit it to the background storage. After years of hard work, it has been used in logistics, retail, warehousing, medical, public utilities and other industries.

What changes have happened to handheld terminals in these industries?

The application of RFID handheld terminals in logistics is a requirement for the development of modern logistics. Its technology is the integration of automatic identification technology, wireless communication technology and database technology, and is an important development direction for the automatic acquisition and real-time transmission of modern logistics information. Domestic mainstream logistics express companies have realized the online operation of radio frequency identification handheld terminal systems and integrated information platforms, and the synchronous operation of data collectors, which are widely used in domestic express logistics collection.

1. In general stores, there will be someone to pick goods, some in the retail area, and some in the warehouse area. Each employee has a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal, like a rugged tablet PC, has multiple functions such as receiving, returning, putting on shelves, counting, moving warehouse, packaging and reviewing, covering all aspects from inventory management, picking to delivery.

2. For the nurses in the hospital, the daily inspection work content is a lot, it is easy to make mistakes. For example, while measuring the patient's body temperature and blood pressure and other physical signs information, it generally has to go through multiple steps of measurement, paper recording, and manual input into the system, which is inefficient and easy to make mistakes. With the help of PDA mobile phone care, it can be directly inputted into the system, which is accurate and efficient. Compared with traditional medical care, the mobile phone care system can generally increase the efficiency of medical care by 60%. The introduction of mobile nursing PDA reflects the full application of modern information technology in the field of medical care and will promote the construction of hospital nursing information, which is the development trend of digital hospitals.

The existence of the industry has brought more opportunities and development to the application of the handheld machine industry in the future. From the perspective of the future, it opens up a new mode of thinking, which can complete some difficult details in work and life through smarter means. From a practical point of view, the application of smart devices has greatly expanded the development prospects of the industry, greatly reduced the cost of manpower and material resources, improved efficiency at this stage, and opened the correct era of intelligence.

Rugged Tablet VS Rugged Notebook

What is the difference between a rugged tablet and a rugged notebook? You must have had this problem before! That's right! Since we have doubts, let's solve them together!

1. The difference in performance

Although the two have a high level of protection (waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, etc.), tablets and notebooks are not comparable in any respect. Because the application scenarios are different. Generally speaking, the rugged notebook is more powerful and can meet the needs in many harsh working environments.

2. Higher shock resistance and drop resistance

The rugged tablets adopts anti-seismic and anti-drop reinforcement technology, and carries out rugged design for computer device production, circuit design and final assembly according to a reasonable safety factor. So that the tablet has a higher anti-shock and anti-fall ability to ensure that it will not be impeded by accidental fall during outdoor operations, and the reinforcement of various devices is the basis of the entire reinforcement work.

3. Higher confidentiality

The rugged notebook has better confidentiality than the rugged tablet. Generally, information transmission is carried out through an internal encrypted VPN or a special network, thereby effectively improving the confidentiality.

4. More adaptable to severe environments

The rugged tablet is often used in various severe outdoor environments, so a wide temperature motherboard is used in the design, and a heat-dissipating aluminum plate is installed on the motherboard and each additional card to ensure good performance at high temperatures.

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