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Встречайте этого нового друга EM-X33 быстро

by Jozy

Today, the new EM-X33 is officially released.

It is the new member of the Emdoor Information rugged notebook.

13.3 inches screen equipped with 11th generation Core processor.

Based on "ultra-high configuration", positioning "ultra-high flagship".

How superpower is it? Let's take a look.


It is 2.1 kilograms light and only 26 millimeters thin, which is more convenient than the same rugged notebook.

Equipped with a backlit keyboard, dual batteries, Wi-Fi 6 wireless technology, and Thunderbolt 4 wired interface, the powerful heat dissipation capability only brings you a better sense of use.

Enhanced high-protection body, TPM security encryption gives you all-around protection from the inside out.

Easy to take, Hard to break

All magnesium alloy body, light material, strong texture, shockproof, anti-radiation, anti-salt spray, anti-wear,

anti-electromagnetic interference, and good heat dissipation effect. 2.1 kg light, only 26 mm thin, extremely portable.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

Impeccably craft from any side

13.3-inch original industrial screen, full of expressiveness. It supports capacitive touch screen selection.

Using high-strength Corning Gorilla Glass, easy to click and slide, and it can also respond to glove operations.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

A Leap in performance

11th Gen ® Intel® Core™ i5 processor based on Intel's third-generation

10 nm process node known as 10SF, Up to 4 cores / 8 threads.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

Breathtaking Experience

The new Intel Iris® Xᵉ core graphics card, with the highest frequency of 1.3GHz,

80 graphics units, achieve up to 1080p 60FPS display effect and supports up to 8K resolution.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

Max storage for X33

Equipped with DDR4L memory and SSD storage, 

it provides stronger super task processing capability and faster response speed.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

Light up your night

With LED backlit membrane keyboard you can precisely control it even in dark.

The keystroke and rebound structure is further optimized to bring a comfortable input experience.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

Go-Anywhere Productivity

2X2800mAh/11.1V large-capacity batteries provide power at the same time to meet all-weather productivity needs.

The detachable design can replenish energy in time even outdoors. 

Supports USB Type-C PD fast charging, which can be revived after 3 hours.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

No more overheating

The copper heat pipe is matched with a large-area heat-conducting plate and fins to form an efficient heat dissipation system with the fan assembly,

which effectively cools the core of the motherboard and makes the whole machine powerful and output. 

The fan has a detachable waterproof structure inside, which is waterproof and heat-dissipating.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

High-speed Wi-Fi 6 , Fast in every way

The new generation of wireless 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 brings a fast network of up to 2400Mbps.

Based on MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology, it improves efficiency, reduces latency, and rejects network congestion.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

All that you want it have

It integrates Thunderbolt 4 function to provide wider usability. USB Type-A, audio, and video output, and other ports. Trust the professional rugged computer manufacturer, trust Emdoor.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

Security from the inside

The onboard TPM independent security chip can perform system login, 

application software login, hard disk, and other wide-range encryption to prevent hackers from intruding.

Protect your personal privacy at all times.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

Built for harsh

Enhanced high-strength body, 8 corners are equipped with enhanced protective corners, 

after an improved sealing treatment of the whole machine,

with comprehensive waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof, and other functions.

Pass MIL-STD-810G certification, calmly deal with the various harsh environment.

EM-X33 Rugged Notebook

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