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RuggedPCReview: We'd like to welcome Emdoor as our newest technology sponsor, and also the first from the People's Republic of China. How did you find RuggedPCReview, and what made you decide to become a sponsor?

Kevin He, Emdoor: Thanks. Working with RuggedPCReview.com is a good start for introducing Emdoor, Emdoor products, and Emdoor OEM/ODM services to potential US and European partners and customers. I personally have known RuggedPCReview.com since I started working at Emdoor six years ago. I searched for "rugged tablet PC" and found your site. RuggedPCReview is a very professional website that makes it easy to find information about industrial handhelds and tablets, so we decided to become a sponsor. We hope to find more OEM/ODM partners via RuggedPCReview and also to introduce Emdoor products to your website visitors.

RuggedPCReview: What can you tell us about Emdoor's history and current operation?

Kevin He, Emdoor: Emdoor was founded almost two decades ago, in 2002. We began working with with Intel and Microsoft in 2004 and began looking into building rugged and industrial tablets around 2008. By 2012 Emdoor had its own rugged tablets, and in 2012 we began offering rugged tablets and other devices to OEM customers. Today, Emdoor offers a broad range of 4-inch to 6-inch handhelds, rugged tablets with 7-inch to 12-inch displays, and 12-inch to 15-inch rugged laptops.

RuggedPCReview: What are Emdoor's primary products?

Kevin He, Emdoor: As stated, for the most part rugged handhelds, industrial tablet pc and rugged laptops. Emdoor can also provide fully customized products, as we have done for Coca Cola, Zare and others.

Emdoor Lineup

RuggedPCReview: You mentioned that Emdoor's current emphasis is on being an ODM/OEM. Can you elaborate?

Kevin He, Emdoor: We see ourselves as particularly strong in the ODM (Original Design Manufacturers) area. Our advantage there is our investment in R&D. 60% of our staff work in R&D capacities and we have some outstanding talent and our R&D investment is significantly higher than the industry average. We can design any product, on spec or in cooperation with customers, and then produce them.

RuggedPCReview: What is your OEM production capacity?

Kevin He, Emdoor: Our own current factory production line capacity is around 30,000 units per month.

RuggedPCReview: How does a party interested in OEM/ODM services contact you?

Kevin He, Emdoor: We have two business models: The first is that we design and manufacture products based on market trends and market demands. These are then available directly from our warehouse to customers or distributors who sells them under their own brand. The second is that we design products from scratch based on customer requests, then manufacture and deliver units to the customer.(Emdoor offer OEM barcode scanner, OEM laptop, tablet OEM)

RuggedPCReview: What are the steps involved in an OEM/ODM agreement?

Kevin He, Emdoor: For our standard products, we will offer PI with detailed product specs and delivery time once get we a PO from a client. For customized project, we will have R&D contract agreement that covers the entire process from design to development, final specifications, all the testing and approvals, and the time schedule for everything.

(More information about OEM tablet manufacturers & rugged computer manufacturers)

RuggedPCReview: Thank you, and here's hoping that your presence at RuggedPCReview will help you achieve your goals!

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Rugged PC Review.com - Q&A with Emdoor

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