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Каковы основные моменты прочного портативного устройства

In the intelligent application more widely in today's industrial environment, the customers can choose according to their respective needs intelligent terminals to achieve more efficient management, and industrial handheld machines as one of the common smart devices, their effectiveness has been more Good recognition, this kind of handset also brings better intelligent management effects to customers with its bright spots.

The highlights of rugged mobile computers are reflected in the following aspects:

The introduction of the barcode scanner

The Scanner is an instrument used in commercial POS systems. There are two main types, one is the use of ordinary scanners and commercial scanners. The business is mainly divided into three categories: CCD scanners, laser handheld scanners, and full-angle laser scanners.

Bar code scanners are also called bar code readers and bar code scanners.

Barcode scanners use photoelectric principles to convert barcode information into computer-acceptable information input devices. They are often used in libraries, hospitals, bookstores, and supermarkets. They are used as input means for fast registration and settlement. They can directly read the barcode information on the outer packaging of goods and printed materials and input the Online system.

The classification of barcode scanner

1. The Handheld barcode scanner: Handheld scanner is a technical product launched in 1987, which looks like the barcode scanner used by the payee in the supermarket.

2. The Small roller barcode scanner: This is the intermediate product of the handheld barcode scanner and the platform bar code scanner ( new products have appeared in recent years because it has a built-in power supply and is small in size. It is called a notebook bar code scanner ). Most of these products use CIS technology, the optical resolution is 300dpi, there are two colours and grayscale, and the colour model is generally 24 bits.

3. The Platform barcode scanner: also known as the flatbed barcode scanner and flatbed barcode scanner. Barcode scanners currently on the market are mostly flat-panel barcode scanners, which are the current mainstream. For example, Emdoor's windows rugged devices include handheld windows tablet can function as Platform barcode scanners.

How to use a barcode scanner

1. The most basic is the scanning function of the product barcode ( one-dimensional code ). Take a product with a barcode on the package, click the scan button, and when the scan window appears, align the frame with the bar code.  After press the scan button again it can scan.

2. Regarding scanning the QR code ( QR Code is currently supported ), firstly select the ba code type in the settings. Then the same scan. Some users require the system to automatically recognize the barcode type to avoid troublesome settings. It's very simple, as are many other scanning software.

3. Scanning EMS barcode is also a kind of one-dimensional code, but it costs a long time. If you make certain skills and more practice, I believe it will be done. After the barcode is obtained by scanning, the system will launch the package query interface to let you know some information about the package delivery.

The troubleshooting of the barcode scanner

1. Problem description: LED does not light up, no buzzer, no laser.

Possible reasons: the power of the scanning gun is not connected, the scanning gun is not powered on, or the data line interface is loose, and the connection is poor.

Countermeasure: Check the scanner cable, make sure the computer power supply is normal, and the data cable is reconnected to the scanner.

2. Problem description: The scanner is scanning, the buzzer is normal, and there is no data transmission.

Possible reasons: the scanner is not set correctly; the wire is broken.

Countermeasures: Refer to the manual to ensure that the corresponding data line settings are correct.

3. Problem description: After connecting the serial line, read data transmission.

Possible reasons: not set to serial mode or communication protocol error.

Countermeasure: Set the scanning serial port mode to the serial port mode and reset to the correct communication protocol.

Description of the problem: The scanner reads the code normally, but there is no buzzer.

Possible reason: set to mute.

Countermeasure: Scan the setting of the buzzer's button.

The maintenance of the barcode scanner

1. Anti-fall. The internal structure of the rugged handheld barcode scanner consists of a decoder component and the mainboard, which are relatively sophisticated components. Therefore, during use, avoid falling from high places, especially the glass components of the barcode scanner. Once damaged, dust will enter the barcode scanner.

2. Prevent strong stretching. The barcode scanner is a combination of wire and the barcode gun itself. If the wire is often pulled hard, the connection part is easy to be loose, and the contact is poor during scanning.

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