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Прочные планшеты для производственных цехов, складов, автомобилей

Whereas the small and handy I87J has an 8-inch display, the larger I17J’s 10.1-inch screen offers an additional display area for industry customers frequently working with graphics, drawings, and diagrams. Both tablets are built around quad-core Intel “Jasper Lake” Celeron® N5100 processors and run Windows 10 Professional for quick operation and a responsive user experience even when running demanding applications. Dedicated tools for industry workers, both the EM-I87J and I17J tablets feature a wealth of configurable options to suit the way field technicians work, including an 8MP rear-facing camera for crisp images and video, 4G LTE cellular network for fast data transfer and communication, professional 2D barcode reader for efficient data capture, as well as GPS and NFC.

In addition to the improved technical specifications, the EM-I87J rugged tablet pc and I17J rugged tablets have also made a number of design improvements to further enhance the user experience. Highlights include support for 65W fast charging and battery-free working mode. Faster charging means less latency and higher efficiency, and powering from an AC/DC power source is preferable to relying on batteries in stationary industrial applications that rarely require movement.

A full range of compatible accessories are also available, including hand and back straps, carry handles, car chargers, protective leather cases, docks, chargers, and more.

Ideally suited to key industry applications


The new generation of EM-I87J and I17J rugged tablets combines reliability, powerful performance, and portability into complete solutions that streamline operational efficiency across different verticals and workplace scenarios.

Rugged Tablets for Transport & logistics – warehousing

Smooth warehouse operations require forklift operators that can work safely and efficiently at all times. To do this, they need versatile devices that enable them to navigate in the warehouse, identify products, scan them and transport them as quickly as possible. The ruggedness of the EM-I87J and I17J rugged tablets is perfect for in-vehicle applications, while the optional high-performance barcode reader enables warehouse staff to easily read barcodes from meters away.


Rugged Tablets for Automotive – planning, repair, and maintenance

Automotive technicians and mechanics need rugged devices they can rely on to diagnose problems, upload data, and communicate with customers. The rich network configuration and high-definition camera of the EM-I87J/17J rugged tablets computer make problem communication quick and convenient. Customers can receive the content and reasons for maintenance work as soon as the vehicle inspection is completed, reducing suspicion and distrust caused by opaque information.


Rugged Tablets for Manufacturing – shop floor and production

Manufacturing production supervisors must have access to critical operational information at all times to ensure optimal production is maintained. They also need the ability to collect and analyze data from across the facility that can inform management plans and future decision-making. The multiple network connectivity of EM-I87J and I17J rugged tablets means this information is always at their fingertips. An optional scanner reader lets manager log the current position of all jobs throughout the facility and feed it back into management systems for full visibility and control.


Benefits of industrial tablets for manufacturing floor

Durability: Industrial tablets are built to withstand harsh environments commonly found on manufacturing floors. They are designed to be rugged and resistant to dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures, ensuring they can endure heavy daily use.

Mobility: Unlike fixed computers or traditional paperwork, industrial tablets provide mobility and flexibility. Workers can carry these lightweight devices with them, accessing critical data and applications wherever they are on the shop floor.

Real-time Data Access: With industrial tablets, employees can access real-time data, production schedules, inventory levels, and other important information instantly. This immediate access helps in making timely decisions and reacting promptly to any issues that arise.

Improved Productivity: The convenience of using tablets streamlines various tasks, reducing manual paperwork and the need to move back and forth to stationary computers. This increased productivity translates into more efficient workflows and faster production cycles.

Emdoor rugged tablets have many different sizes or systems for warehousing, Automotives, and manufacturing, we'd like to support your local business with our technology. Emdoor Info, a rugged tablet pc provider, is waiting for you in Shenzhen.

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