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Каковы преимущества и характеристики хорошего промышленного планшетного ПК?

With the continuous advancement of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, industrial tablet PCs have become indispensable products for industrial automation. Where are the advantages and characteristics of industrial tablet computer? The industrial tablet PC not only has the performance of a conventional commercial tablet PC, but also has considerable stability and adaptability features, so it can be used in various industrial fields, and adopts the currently popular touch function, which can simplify work, and is convenient and fast, and more user-friendly.

The industrial tablet PCs are computers used in industrial control processes or equipment. They integrate touch screen operation, LCD screen display, and mainboard control. They have many advantages such as high integration, convenient operation and control, small size, and multiple functions.

There are two main differences between industrial tablet PCs and all-in-one computers for civilian or commercial use: the first is long-running working ability and stable performance; the second is strong environmental adaptability. For example, it has the sturdy shell structure, and can withstand complex electromagnetic environment with a wide temperature range, high humidity, dust, and vibration.


1. The advantages of industrial tablet PCs

The application environment and usage of industrial tablet PCs are destined to be very different from those of ordinary home computers. It is different from a series of computer applications such as commercial advertising players and food ordering machines.

(1) The industrial tablet PCs have higher stability, reliability, and service life than the aforementioned home computers and advertising players. The original intention of design is to ensure a comprehensive service life of 356*24*5=43800 hours.

(2) Due to the particularity and importance of usage scenarios of industrial tablet PC, its hardware parameters are also higher than those of the previous two.

(3) The industrial tablet PCs should also consider the installation of ready-made and application environments, as well as the convenience and ease of use.

(4) In addition, due to the diversity of ready-made environments, including high temperature, high humidity, vibration, dust, and some unexpected environments and use conditions, with comprehensive considerations, we have also put forward higher requirements for the use of industrial tablet PCs.

(5) The industrial tablet PCs should also consider expansibility and ease of maintenance, as well as design experience and quality management in many aspects.

2. What characteristics should the design of industrial tablet PC meet?


(1) First of all, all hardware must meet the parameters required by the industrial site, including the rigid indicators such as product's comprehensive service life of more than 50,000 hours; working temperature of -20 to 60 degrees; relative temperature of 10~95%@40°C (non-condensing); vibration of 50~500Hz, 1.5G, 0.15mm peak.

(2) Combining the complexity of the on-site environment and usage methods, higher requirements are put forward for the power supply and interface of the industrial tablet PCs. The power supply should use a wide-voltage power supply to buffer and filter the power supply. The interface should be onboard, and there should be no missing connections, which may affect on-site communication, let alone lose data.

(3) For industrial tablet PCs, the most important thing is that the heat dissipation of the whole machine must be done well to ensure the operating environment of the mainboard and various components. Too high temperature directly causes the stability and service life of the computer to plummet. Most of the tablet PCs adopt the method of passive and fin-type heat dissipation, so there must be a reasonable design and a large enough surface area for the heat dissipation box.

(4) Good components are not enough, but a good design structure is needed. In addition, it is also very important for manufacturers to ensure the production life cycle of the industrial product. Good products contain many unseen stories and hard work.

The industrial tablet PCs usually use mature technologies on the market to reduce the probability of error. Therefore, the life cycle of industrial tablet PCs is also longer so as to maintain the long-term stable operation requirements in the industry. Therefore, the advantages and design features of industrial tablet PCs are very important.

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