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Emdoor Информация о портфеле новых продуктов в 2021 году

In this rapidly changing and interconnected era, we never stop thinking, we accumulate little by little, improve ourselves, and continue to develop. We are also changing little by little, learning to look at problems from more angles.

Today, we are taking another step on the growth path of building ruggedized mobile computers. Breaking the habitual product portfolio thinking, giving ruggedized mobile computers a better positioning, and helping all walks of life make the right choices in the confusion, and quickly enter the digital and intelligent world.

We look at problems and classify them according to the new model, bypassing our own inertial angle, and classify multi-form and multi-size reinforced products according to objective perception preferences.

Finally, we formed a new product portfolio framework.


Ruggedness as always

ET series is a new generation of ultra-high configuration rugged handheld PC based on MediaTek processors. Among them, there are the 4-inch flagship model with a 26-key full keyboard, the 5-inch advanced model of the classic handheld, 5.7-inch simple model with high appearance,  configuration, and protection, all of which have a high standards design and high performance.

Emdoor ET Series


Standout performance

The EQ series, the full name of Emdoor Qualcomm, has used Qualcomm processor's powerful performance and excellent power consumption control to shine in the mid-to-high-end market and has also been used in logistics and warehousing, and other fields. Different from the ET series, they have a full range of accessories, support a variety of advanced use, and can fully solve application needs.

Emdoor EQ Series


Based on Intel Atom

EI series, the full name of Emdoor Intel, is one of the few handhelds in the industry based on Intel processor + Windows operating system. Thanks to the brilliance of the Wintel architecture in the PC world, it has significant energy efficiency and performance improvements, as well as ultra-high security performance. It complements the advantages of Arm + Android architecture handhelds to meet the needs of users in different scenarios.



Leading the way

Unique design, full of weight, and high-performance T21 series. From 10.1 inches to 12.2 inches, from Intel Core i5/i7 processors to Rockchip/Phytium high-performance desktop processors, from Windows OS to Android/ Kylin/Uniontech OS, compact and comprehensive. Expansion module design can match a variety of interfaces/modules, active fan cooling helps better performance and high-speed operation. Get more information for rugged tablet windows 10, and rugged tablet windows 11 right now.

Emdoor T21 Series


Provide the ultimate user experience

The T6 series may be the most popular rugged tablet PC of Emdoor Information, relying on its popular design with an excellent feel. The four-corner protective pads are integrated with the fuselage, and a variety of configurations bring broader choices. The 8-inch model has a high protection level of IP67 and is not afraid of harsh environments. The 10.1-inch model has an optional aviation plug to meet the needs of special applications. There is also a 5G version that will be released soon, ushering in the new era of networks.

Emdoor T6 Series


Flexibility for your needs

The T5 series has a variety of detachable modules that give customers full options. Barcode scanning, NFC communication, fingerprint, ID card recognition, and UHF are selected and installed according to the usage scenario so that the performance of the rugged touch screen laptop can be better played. It is also equipped with a high-brightness sunlight visible screen.

Emdoor T5 Series


Thin and light tablet

The T8 series is very thin and light, it is a special product series focusing on the thin and light market. The thickness of 8 inches and 16mm can achieve the high protection level of IP67, which is definitely one of the good choices for users.

Emdoor T8 Series


Come to where ruggedness is

The T1 series is an entry-level rugged product series with high-cost performance, low price, and good quality.

Emdoor T1 Series


2 in 1, feel free to change

N2 series is a powerful group that fully respects the needs of users. They are two-in-one notebooks with both portability and productivity. It adopts a detachable keyboard design and a 12.2-inch display. It was originally a stand-up notebook. When the keyboard is removed, it is a portable tablet that matches the scene and can be switched freely. At the same time, it also with 5G network optional, moving towards high-speed communication.

Emdoor N2 Series


Rugged, resilient performance

The N54 series is stable and reliable, able to adapt to the ever-changing environmental changes, and is handy for multitasking with Intel Core i5/i7 processors. Dual battery design with high-speed cooling fan, continuous energy output, providing better performance anytime, anywhere.

Emdoor N54 Series

Emdoor Information's new product portfolio is user-oriented, with accurate positioning and accurate value. In the future, we will continue to build and improve our own rugged product system, so as to help customers make the right choice that fits their hearts and can adapt to future changes.

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