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Что может привнести прочное портативное устройство в традиционное производство?

Nowadays, digital management and digital production can be seen everywhere, and more and more traditional manufacturing enterprises are seeking the digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing and other related terms. It's easy to say, but the transition is hard. Accurate and detailed data is one of the important indicators to test the success of an enterprise's digital transformation. The application of industrial ruggedized handheld devices will help traditional manufacturing enterprises to achieve digital management from production efficiency to delivery commitment, and then to inventory management, which will greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency of enterprises, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

Generally speaking, there are several common application scenarios of MES production process management in the production workshop: material management; process assignment/reporting; work reporting management; process guidance; quality management; reassurance/traceability of critical parts; quality inspection; 3C test station; assembly/packaging management.


Today, we will first introduce the material management, process dispatch/report, work reporting management, process guidance and other applications of industrial rugged handheld in the production workshop. Let's take a look.

1. The ruggedized handheld devices are used for material management

Manufacturing enterprises have various types of raw materials, spare parts and bar codes. For example, there is DPM code, Asian silver material bar code, high-density bar code, dirty bar code, color bar code, etc., of different quality. A quick and accurate reading of various bar codes is an important factor to improve the efficiency of material management.

Industrial ruggedized handheld device has independent soft decoding technology. Through targeted optimization, it can quickly and easily read Asian silver materials, high-density, bubble bags, unit stains, surface scratches, damage, low contrast, various types of bar codes, such as distortion and deformation, which are widely used in every link of materials for enterprises to improve management efficiency.

2. The ruggedized handheld devices are used for the process dispatch/report

In the production mode of traditional manufacturing enterprises, workshop information cannot be obtained until the end of production, and the manual input of process transmission information cannot meet the real-time accurate information transmission, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

The use of ruggedized handheld device includes rugged android handheld will realize the real-time transmission of process allocation/reporting information, which is a controllable and traceable production process, and help enterprises to manage links and balance production.

3. The ruggedized handheld devices are used for work report management

In the traditional model, production plans need to be printed by computer, manually received, completed, manually filled out, and then registered by computer. Data cannot be transmitted in real time, while in terms of manual filling, it is easy to modify and difficult to control, with high cost of consumables.

Dispatch/report data can be transmitted in real time through industrial rugged handhelds, and information cannot be modified at will, so as to control the report, reduce the consumption of paper report and reduce costs.


4. The ruggedized handheld devices are used for technological guidance

With the expansion of production scale, the division of labor of production enterprises will be gradually refined, and the difficulty of technological management is becoming greater and greater.

The use of industrial ruggedized handheld devices can achieve electronic field operation guidance. It can update information in real time according to the actual needs of field operations, realize the unified management of the information management platform, improve the coordination ability of enterprises, and clarify the rights and responsibilities.

To sum up, the application scenarios of ruggedized handheld devices in the traditional manufacturing industry are reflected in all aspects. For more information about ruggedized handheld devices, please visit our official website for consultation.

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