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Как прочный планшет EM-I10J/I20J Android придаст импульс различным отраслям?

by Jozy,Mareketing Specialiast

In the last blog, we talked about our new rugged tablets EM-I10J and EM-I20J, which make a brief introduction to you. However, if u want to know more details about both of them, pls continue to read the following blog covering their six notable highlights and features. After reading, I believe that u can have a good command of them and learn where can use the emdoor rugged tablet android.

Enterprise-level performance

EM-I10J/I20J is a ruggedized industrial tablet that integrates multi-function, multi-scene applications, and has an ultra-high cost performance. Built-in a powerful Intel JASPER LAKE processor that can run the industrial software of the intelligent chemical factory smoothly and stably. Equipped with multiple I/O ports that provide extremely high connectivity with plant equipment.

Industrial-control industry

Industrial-control industry

A brilliant touch

EM-I10J/I20J is equipped with a high-definition display made of high-strength glass, which can provide excellent readability at all times without being affected by the environment. The display is equally clear whether in the office or outdoors, allowing outdoor workers to read the required information without restriction. And 10-point touch technology allows them to edit charts and images with the most convenient touch.

Outdoor-matching field


Advanced connectivity

Stable connection capability is extremely important to the manufacturing industry. It determines the timeliness of task command issuance and the accuracy of data return. EM-I10J/I20J compatibility with 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) standard, and Bluetooth 4.2. The smooth mobile connectivity allows manufacturing project managers to keep in touch with employees in a timely manner, so as to obtain processing information, quality control, equipment operating status, and other information the first time.

Manufacture industry


Versatile data capture

EM-I10J/I20J has a series of functions that make warehouse management worry-free, such as a camera, GPS/GLONASS/Beidou navigation system, barcode scanner, and so on. They enable warehouse workers to quickly and easily perform cycle counts and other inventory audits while ensuring data accuracy.

Warehouse industry

Warehouse industry

Long-lasting power

Inspection workers who stay outdoors for a long time need the equipment to have the ability to work in continuous shifts. EM-I10J/20J are equipped with the long-term endurance required for outdoor inspection operations (I10J is an 860mAh+5000mAh dual battery, and I20J is an 860mAh+ 6300mAh dual battery). A hot-swappable battery design allows the user to swape a new battery in while running important applications.

Inspection industry


Reliable sturdiness

From heavy machinery to weather exposure, there are dangers at construction sites that may endanger the service life of the industrial android tablet. EM-I10J and I20J durable construction site tablet are certified for IP65 and MIL-STD 810G, which can withstand a 1.22-meter drop and a large amount of dust and liquid intrusion. Reliability that is not easily damaged allows all construction tasks to be carried out smoothly.

Infrastructure construction

Infrastructure construction

Above all, no matter how challenging and harsh the environment is, EM-I10J and EM-I20J android rugged tablet deliver more versatility and power for on-the-go workers. In addition, they are bigger and cheaper than former EM-I10U and EM-I20U tablets while still meeting MIL-STD-810G  and IP65 rugged standards. 

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