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Emdoor Rugged Notebook

Emdoor Industrial Computer EM-X14F

One of the main advantages of industrial notebooks is that they can operate with high performance in the toughest industrial environments. Most industrial notebooks have rugged design concepts that use fanless, cooling technology, and cableless connections to eliminate moving parts, and can resist a certain degree of dust and water intrusion. These key features are parts of the biggest advantages of industrial notebooks because they can provide stability and efficiency for industrial notebooks.

Difference Between Industrial Rugged Notebook And Commercial Desktop Notebook

The difference between industrial rugged notebooks and commercial desktop notebooks is mainly due to their deployment use cases. Although, the internal components look like an ordinary desktop notebook, with CPU, memory, and storage, the unique rugged design characteristics of an industrial computer are completely different from the reliability and accuracy of industrial automation machines. There are many special design functions that are indispensable for industrial notebook.

Industrial rugged notebooks are specially designed to be deployed in areas where dust and foreign objects often enter and exits, such as factory automation or mining processes. Therefore, the design of industrial rugged notebooks has sturdy design features to eliminate the need for cooling holes and prevent dust and particles in harsh environments from harming the rugged notebook and its functions.

Many industrial rugged notebooks need to face extreme operating temperatures. Because notebooks with fans are easy to become contaminated. Therefore, the fanless system is used in the industrial rugged notebook (which is also called the fanless industrial pc), and these designs are used in radiators and heat pipes to maintain a wide operating temperature. The temperature of the equipment is uncontrollable, for example, rugged notebooks in an industrial factory can support operating temperatures of -40 ℃ to 70 ℃. Thereby in extreme cold and high-temperature environments, this rugged notebook produced by Emdoor can operate normally.

Advantages of Ruggedized Notebook of Emdoor

As a famous and reliable rugged computer manufacturer, Emdoor provides the products of industrial PC, rugged notebooks with good qualities. 

1. Long battery life

In many harsh environments, the battery is the power source of the notebook, and the rugged notebook has a large-capacity battery. In addition, some models of the rugged notebook computer have two battery compartments, so the battery life is super strong, so you don't have to worry about it.

2. Tightly sealed keyboard

The keyboard of consumer notebooks is not sealed, and accidental water can cause damage to the computer. However, the rugged notebook computer uses a rubber-feel keyboard, which has good sealing performance, which can prevent liquid and dust from entering the keyboard and play a good role in dust and water resistance. At the same time, some rugged laptop keyboards are also designed with backlights, so that they can be used without barriers when the outdoor lighting environment is not good.

3. Withstand low temperatures

For applications in field exploration, low temperature is a big obstacle to the normal use of notebook computers, because the start-up of consumer notebook computers in severe cold environments will cause certain risks to the hard disk and data. However, the rugged rugged notebook computer can isolate the storage inside the heating layer, so even if the computer is started in a severely cold environment, it will not be damaged.

4. The Unique design

Compared with consumer notebooks, the appearance design of the rugged notebook is a little bit unique. First of all, in terms of interfaces, in order to meet the needs of different working environments, there are generally more interfaces for rugged notebooks, including USB, network port, RJ45 serial port, card reader, HDMI interface, card reader, etc., normal consumption Class notebooks generally only have 2-3 USB ports, one network port, and one HDMI port. In this way, the interface of the rugged notebook is much richer. Secondly, the appearance of the rugged notebook is mostly made of aluminium-magnesium alloy. As a result, the cost of the rugged reinforced notebook will increase. Some people may ask why you need to choose such good materials and make so many interfaces. In fact, this is not a question of whether you want to choose and manufacture, but for the "prevention" of the rugged product to pass the test, and the product can be applied to all kinds of The inevitable requirement of the environment.

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