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В чем основная разница между прочным планшетным ПК, промышленным компьютером и терминалом, установленным на транспортном средстве?

Let's first understand what these three types of equipment are.

First of all, the rugged tablet PC is also called the reinforced tablet PC. The rugged industrial tablet has the characteristics of being waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof (also known as anti-drop). The minimum standard of the rugged industry is IP53. The common rugged grades are: IP54, IP65, IP67, IP68, IP69K, etc. These products are commonly used in outdoor mobile operation scenarios, and are widely used in finance, medical care, environmental protection, supermarkets, retail, warehousing and other fields.


The rugged industrial computers, also known as the industrial control computer, is born for industrial control. The control is divided into two categories: one is for human control, to monitor, manage, and dispatch personnel's work and progress, and the other is for machine control, to monitor the running status and work efficiency of the machine, and is called the earliest industrial computer. Rugged industrial pc is widely used in smart factories, laser cutting, lathes, milling machines, smart cabinets, self-service terminals, rail transit control and other fields.


Vehicle-mounted terminal, also known as a vehicle-mounted tablet PC, vehicle-mounted tablet, etc., is a type of special-purpose computer derived from the special environment of vehicle driving. Its main function is to realize the safe and efficient driving of vehicles. Vehicle mounted computer can be used for the control, management, monitoring, etc. of the driving state and is widely used in domestic and foreign operating vehicles.


In fact, the design principles and operation principles of the three types of equipment are similar, and they are all computers. However, according to different usage scenarios, different functional requirements and different environmental requirements, the usage scenarios will be very different. Let's analyze the composition and protection of these three types of products.

Before doing the analysis, share a short story about the industrial computer

In the 1980s, human beings invented industrial computer, which was an epoch-making revolution. At that time, industrial control improved social productivity, but it was basically used in a fixed way, fixed on the wall to make electronic SOP, electronic task book or embedded in the device for control and management. Once people left the industrial computers, they cannot work. Later, people stuffed a battery inside the industrial computer, and then the rugged tablet PC was born. The current rugged tablet PC has been developed and improved for many generations, but in many vehicle-mounted fields, people initially use industrial computers or rugged tablets for vehicle management. But after using for a period of time, the screen was prone to be scratched, the battery life of the rugged tablet PC would be greatly reduced, and some devices connected to the interface were easy to be disconnected or poorly connected. Later, people began to analyze and improve this situation. On the basis of the traditional rugged tablet PC, the battery was removed, a power regulator was added, and a wide-voltage input was supported. The aviation plug interface was used to directly supply power from the vehicle power supply. At the same time, the rugged properties were improved, and the level of vibration and shock resistance was improved, so the vehicle-mounted terminal was born. This short story completely tells the characteristics and differences of the three types of equipment.




The above is the three-dimensional assembly drawing of the rugged tablet PC, industrial computer, and vehicle tablet.

In terms of structure and composition, the vehicle-mounted terminal is similar to the industrial computer, which is composed of three major parts: the motherboard, the casing, and the display screen. The rugged tablet just has an extra battery.

From the perspective of environmental certification, the rugged tablet PC pays more attention to dustproof, waterproof, drop-proof and battery life. There are more and more products with IP65, IP67, IP68, and 1.8m drop protection. In many scenes of going out for a long time, the battery life can be about 15 hours.

The protection level of the rugged computer is not very high. As long as the front panel screen reaches IP65, most of the needs can be met, and the lowest working temperature is usually -10°C.

The protection level of the vehicle-mounted terminal is higher, usually the lowest working temperature is -20°C, and even -30°C in some harsh environment areas, such as agricultural vehicles, mine vehicles, etc. The dustproof and waterproof protection can reach IP67 or above. The interface adopts aviation plug or special DEUTSCH waterproof connectors. The vibration resistance must meet the standards of 810GMethod514.6 and shock resistance must reach 810GMethod516.6.

After the analysis, everyone should have a deep understanding of the three types of products.

There is a Chinese proverb that says that pain leads to change, change leads to improvement, and improvement leads to success. In the past, smartphones with 5 million pixels can meet the needs, but with the development of society and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, it has now developed to more than 80 million to 100 million pixels. Consumer mobile phones and tablet PCs focus on experience, and industrial computers focus on stability. Different user groups have different needs, and different industries have different product features. The features of any product are designed to solve the pain points of this industry.

Emdoor Information has been in the leadership of industrial computers including rugged tabletrugged laptop, rugged handheld for 15 years, and has been successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 001314). After 15 years of development, it has accumulated a large number of products and industry experience, and has enough ability to undertake some large bids and large projects. At the same time, the product line is very rich, and friends from inside and outside the industry are welcome to consult.

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