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Ускорение эволюции автомобильного интеллекта, Emdoor Information, представленная на BIAME 2021

BIAME 2021

11th Beijing International Automobile Manufacturing Expo

June 9-11, 2021

Assemble sophisticated equipment to create a source of high-quality cars

As the vane of the former market in the automotive sector. Here is a gathering of well-known domestic and foreign companies in the entire automotive manufacturing industry chain, showing innovative technologies and solutions. Attracting tens of thousands of professional visitors.

EMDOOR INFO Rugged Notebook

As a professional rugged mobile computer supplier, Emdoor Information has brought to BIAME Expo many automotive applications and solutions ranging from the rugged handheld PC, rugged tablet to rugged notebook.

On-site sales personnel and professional technicians provide customers with in-depth product and program introductions, fully demonstrating the unique advantages of ruggedized products in the process of automotive digitization and intelligence.

Automotive design and development

Empower R&D and provide strong and stable computing power


Automobile R&D is a very complex system engineering. Aiming at the application scenarios of the process, Emdoor Information brought two rugged notebooks EM-X14U/EM-X15U and a rugged tablet EM-I10U.

EM-X14U/EM-X15U has powerful functions and integrates the eighth-generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor. With its powerful data processing capabilities, it provides powerful solutions for the planning, conceptual design, and engineering design stages of the automotive design and development process. Through its Win7/Win10 OS, drawing software, 3D software, and other auxiliary design tools are used to complete the target-specific performance effect and make the design process easy to achieve.

Rugged Notebooks EM-X14U and EM-X15U

The prototype car will undergo various tests during the test, such as road test, wind tunnel test, crash test, etc., and will also face severe weather challenges such as sandy roads and rainwater roads.The EM-I10U has a high-strength body, IP65 high protection level, sufficient mobility, scalability, and computing power to meet all the requirements of the performance test, and is the best choice for the test phase.

Automobile manufacturing

Create intelligent manufacturing


The era of digital transformation is constantly opening up new productivity potential and flexibility, and the automobile manufacturing industry is also undergoing a new round of profound changes. In response to automobile manufacturing scenarios, Emdoor Information has launched three different forms of ruggedized products.

The rugged handheld EM-I62H and rugged tablet EM-I81H support barcode scanning and data collection functions, working with parts inventory management, on-line ordering, full-process tracking, and other systems to achieve efficient coordination of the entire manufacturing process and traceability management. Equipped with the Win10 OS to assist the entire vehicle program flashing, data calibration, and other processes, a single device can cover the entire manufacturing site, opening a new stage of automotive intelligent manufacturing development.

Rugged Handheld EM-I62H and rugged tablet EM-I81H

Reinforced notebook EM-I22K integrates tablet and notebook, with complete interface functions. Through specific technical interfaces, realize interconnection and intercommunication with automation equipment in manufacturing to realize real-time control, and realize communication interaction with offline detectors in-vehicle offline inspection.

Automobile warehousing logistics

Give up cumbersome and make logistics simple and fast

Aiming at the work simplification, process optimization, and efficiency improvement of automobile warehousing and logistics scenarios, Emdoor Information has developed a rugged handheld EM-T60 that integrates high-value, high-configuration, and high-cost performance, which has won the favor of many professionals.

Rugged Handheld EM-T60

Automobile transportation warehousing

EM-T60 has a large screen display, a slim body, and can be easily held with one hand. It is equipped with a two-dimensional engine, symmetrical buttons, eight-core strong core, and Android 10 OS. The operation is simple, and it is used in the warehousing and distribution of auto parts and vehicle logistics and distribution. Efficiently empowers operations such as warehousing, inventory, allocation, transportation distribution, transportation tracking, etc., helping auto companies to achieve perfect warehousing and logistics management, bringing a new perspective to data sharing, and keeping everything in the palm of your hand while ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Car after-sales maintenance

Intelligent after-sales service


Last year, Emdoor Information launched a variety of Qualcomm Q series ruggedized products ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches, positioned at the high end, and were sought after by many high-end industry user groups.

Intelligent service is the future of the automotive aftermarket. At this exhibition, We have brought three more ruggedized tablet PCs specially designed for automotive after-sales maintenance application scenarios, EM-Q75, EM-Q86, and EM-Q16.

Ruggedized Tablet PCs EM-Q75 EM-Q86 and EM-Q16

EM-Q75 supports a variety of detachable modules such as fingerprints and ID cards, which perfectly match customer delivery confirmation on-site requirements in after-sales maintenance.

EM-Q86 has a high level of protection and quality threshold, which is more than sufficient for after-sales on-site service in after-sales maintenance. Relying on outstanding performance advantages and abundant interfaces, EM-Q16 forms a complete automobile detection and diagnosis system with various automobile fault diagnosis equipment and sensors, which fully meets the needs of detection work.

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Emdoor Information is a professional rugged computer manufacturer that can provide distinguished customization services such as brand customization, software customization, structure customization, hardware customization, etc.

In the future, Emdoor Information will further develop a series of products for the automotive field, continuously improve customer experience, empower the development of the automotive industry, and help the power and future of China's automotive manufacturing!

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